Kind Words

I received a reading from Pushita, and it was illuminating! 
She first asked for permission to do this reading.  This is normal in an akashic reading, but with Pushita, it felt like a warm hug. It made me feel safe in a sacred space
Pushita not only lovingly answered the questions I asked, but she shared information she was receiving beyond those question. She actually answered questions I had intended to ask but for which I didn’t have time. I love that Pushita was able to get to the root of my issues within the reading, and then share ways to move past them. 
In our reading, Pushita validated my life’s work, my calling, my passion, and helped me see the blind spots that are holding me back. She then provided  spiritual guidance, coaching and actionable tools to move forward, which speaks to her years of mystical and coaching experience. 
I am grateful for knowing Pushita, for her warmth and wisdom, and her ability to share her gifts. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance in his/her life."