Hypersthene Stretch Bracelet (Small)

Hypersthene Stretch Bracelet (Small)

The Mystic Crystal

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This bracelet has 5 to 6mm size beads, perfect for kids or adults with tiny wrists.

Hyperthene or Eulite. For those of you that are quite familiar this stone, you know it's a must have for severe anxiety, nerves and ptsd.

Emotional Properties: healthy expression of our emotions, combats irritable and critical behavior
Mental / Intellectual Properties: discriminating judgment, gives us easy answers to all kinds of issues, increases perceptive judgment.

Physical Properties: helps us heal and re-energize after major illnesses, reduces stomach acid, lessens pain and tension, especially in limbs and shoulders, reduces fevers, spasms, farsightedness, Achilles tendon pain and regulate an over or under active pituitary gland, breaks up growths, aids sleep disorders, encourages deep sleep states for longer periods of time so that the mind and body can restore itself.

Psychological properties: self esteem, self respect, overcomes shyness, benefits critical, irritable behavior, boosts self respect, discourages obnoxious pride, makes us more comfortable and at ease in social situations, eliminates excess pride, encourages us to stand up for what we believe is right, allows situations to resolve themselves naturally, provides desirable and boundless opportunities.

Spiritual Properties: enhances clairaudience, speeds up info we get from the spiritual realms